PROOF Donald Trump Is A Man Of His Word For Bringing Jobs Back To America!

One of President Donald Trump's key promises he made during his campaign was to save and create more jobs in America. And though he's only been in office for less than two months, companies are already hiring more than they have in the last three years.

In February this year alone, private payrolls increased by 298,000, far more than the forecasted 187,000, according to data pulled by the ADP Research Institute. That's the highest amount since April 2014. January also saw a revised 261,000 gain.

The construction industry saw hiring rise by 66,000, the most it's seen in a staggering 11 years. Factories also created jobs for 32,000 more workers, the highest number since March 2012.

"Unseasonably mild winter weather undoubtedly played a role. But near-record-high job openings and record-low layoffs underpin the entire job market," said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics Inc.

Confidence in the Trump administration is also likely a major factor in the hiring spree, as many companies are showing optimism about the president's economic outlook.

After the election, Ford, Carrier Corporation, and several other companies vowed to invest in American jobs and say good riddance to their expansion plans overseas. Apple, Amazon, and Intel also made a pledge to create thousands of jobs on American soil over the next several years.

We already know that Donald Trump is an honest man who stays true to his word, but these numbers are taking working Americans' confidence to an even bigger level!