China Issues Red Alert For Fog For First Time Ever

On Tuesday, China issued its first ever national red alert for fog in a number of northern and eastern regions. The alert followed after a total of 24 cities issued red alerts for smog. Red is the most serious level in the country's pollution warning system.

CNN News
CNN News

Along with the red alert, the National Meteorological Center forecasted that the regions will experience thick fog, and visibility would be reduced to less than 500 meters over the span from Tuesday to Wednesday. In addition, some regions could even expect visibility to drop below 50 meters in more extreme cases.

The National Meteorological Center warned drivers to watch their speed, and for airports and ports to take the necessary precautions.

Since the start of the New Year, Chinese cities have already seen hundreds of flight cancellations caused by the recent spread of severe smog in the regions.

As of Wednesday, the fog alert set in Beijing has been downgraded to yellow--however, according to the Beijing Meteorological Service, the city still issued a red alert for smog.