College Asks Students To Contemplate Their 'Pee Privilege' With Bathroom Posters

It looks like using the restroom is no longer a quiet effort for students at one Arizona college, thanks to some interesting new posters that have popped up.

The flyers, which are now posted outside of on-campus restrooms at Northern Arizona University, ask students if they have "pee privilege."

Pee Privilege Posters

The peculiar phrase references the controversial ongoing debate of which restrooms transgender individuals should be legally allowed to use.

“Do you have pee privilege?” one sign asks, further explaining to students that if they “never have to think about gender identity, ability, or access when peeing,” then “[they] do.”

While it's still unclear of whether the posters were hung by university officials or if an outside party was responsible, it's obvious that whoever is behind these signs is looking to make a statement.

The flyers go on to inform patrons about the “bathroom revolution,” revealing that “SOME bathrooms at NAU are flipping the script, creating bathroom spaces without the politics.”

The sign then goes on to direct students to a website that helps them find their closest "all gender" restroom and also provides detailed information regarding the bathroom facilities located in the school's campus buildings.

Pee Privilege PostersStudents can also find a "do's and "don'ts guide" on what to do when encountering a transgender individual outlined on another poster. A few of the "do's" include "mind your business," "protect their safety," and even "carry on with your day." The "don'ts" advises students not to "stare" or "question" the trans person.

It appears that whoever posted the flyers had good intentions and wants to protect the student body from harm and bullying, but are these posters and the idea of "pee privilege" taking matters a bit too far?