Jerry Seinfeld Casually Defended Kathy Griffin's Heinous Trump Photo Shoot With An Absurd Statement

You would think that an image depicting a person beheading the President of the United States would have everyone in the country up in arms, but sadly, that couldn't be further from the case.

In fact, Jerry Seinfeld just publicly lent his support to Kathy Griffin a week after the comedian posed in a photo shoot with a bloody prosthetic head supposedly belonging to President Trump.

Seinfeld Defends Griffin

“Yes, it was a bad joke. Every comedian tells bad jokes,” comedy veteran Seinfeld told People magazine.

“We all do it. That’s how we find the good jokes. So someone told a bad joke — so what, I don’t understand the big deal,” the Seinfeld star added.

The 'big deal?' Are we forgetting that this sad excuse for a Hollywood comedian just publicly threatened to kill our commander-in-chief?

Griffin later apologized for the photos taken by Los Angeles-based photographer Tyler Shields, admitting on Twitter that she had gone "too far," but only after being strongly condemned by both conservatives and liberals.

But the Trump family believes that the apology of "too far" is not doing this heinous photo shoot justice.

The president himself called the image "sick," while first lady Melania Trump described the photo as "very disturbing" and "simply wrong."

The Secret Service has also opened an investigation and is looking into the circumstances surrounding the "artistic" photo shoot - so for Seinfeld to simply refer to the images as a "bad joke" is just downright insulting.

Unfortunately, it's becoming more and more apparent that there is a lack of common sense in Hollywood, and not everyone on the left has a functioning moral compass. But what can we really expect?