NBC Sports Writer Attacks Patriotism, Says Ridiculous Statement About The American Flag

It seems as though everyone is up in arms about politics nowadays. We can never forget the time an NBC sports writer took to Twitter to express his opinion about our country's most iconic symbol: the American flag.

While attending a baseball game at SunTrust Park in Atlanta, Georgia, lead baseball writer Craig Calcaterra tweeted an attack on the American flag after it was displayed during the singing of the National Anthem, at which point there was also an Air Force flyover. Apparently, the writer feels showcasing the flag is too much of a political statement and should be kept out of sports.

"Will you keep politics out of sports, please," Calcaterra wrote. "We like sports to be politics-free."

Surely enough, the ridiculous statement about Old Glory opened a can of worms.

"How is the flag political?" Matthew Weymar wrote, to which Calcaterra responded, "Maybe a flag, in and of itself isn't always political. A two-acre flag with a military flyover is saying something very specific, however."

Many were quick to defend the act of being patriotic.

"Patriotism is political? People die for our rights in this country, so yeah we’re gonna layout the flag," one user wrote. "We’re also gonna have a military flyover and if you get offended by that that’s your problem."

The sports writer even went as far as calling the flag "just a piece of fabric," completely disregarding the great things it stands for.

Showing pride in our country is something that happens at most sporting events, and it's been a traditional gesture for years. Simply put, Calcaterra's opinions are downright outrageous.