Nearly 100 Million Americans Not Participating In The Labor Force

The number of eligible Americans not participating in the labor force has reached a staggering all-time high this past November.

Photo Credit: Fox 43 News

According to statistics released by the Bureau of Labor, the number grew to more than 95 million--which unfortunately, is a new record.

The total number of people not participating in the work face has reached an overall grant total of 95,055,000. And, November alone saw an increase of 446,000 Americans.

This number of individuals considered not to be active in the labor force is calculated by Americans who are age-eligible to work, but are neither working or actively seeking employment.

In addition, the labor force also saw a decrease in participation in November--a drop from 62.8 percent to 62.7 percent.

Hopefully these shocking numbers won't last too long, but only time will tell.