Obama Allowed 820,000 Illegal Immigrants Who Are Murderers And Drug Lords To Still Live In America

Barack Obama has refused to deport around 820,000 illegal immigrants who have been accused of murder, rape, drug offenses, and other serious crimes, according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

The alarming number, as noted by Paul Bedard from the Washington Examiner, is larger than the populations of Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. And of the 820,000, as many as 690,000 of those immigrants have serious convictions. But over the years, the number of illegal immigrants Obama has deported seems to have decreased.

Illegal Immigrants 3

According to data provided by the Department of Homeland Security, Obama deported 333,000 illegal immigrants in 2015, far less than the 414,000 he deported in 2014 and 435,000 deported in 2013. Those numbers haven't been so low since 2007.

But regardless of the crime, CIS fellow David North argued that illegal immigrants shouldn't be here to begin with.

"An illegal alien with a shoplifting record, for example, is an illegal alien who does not belong here in the first place," he said.

We can only assume these numbers will drastically change if Donald Trump follows through with his border control plans.