POTUS Stands By Syria Missile Strike And Delivers A POWERFUL Message To Putin

President Donald Trump continues to impress us with his strong sense of compassion not just for the American people, but for the entire world.

In a recent interview with Fox News' Maria Bartiromo, Trump explained why he felt compelled to act after Bashar al-Assad issued a chemical attack on his own people.

First, he had some choice words for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Frankly, Putin is backing a person that’s truly an evil person,” President Trump declared. “And I think it’s very bad for Russia, it’s very bad for mankind, it’s very bad for this world.”

“But when you drop gas, or bombs, or barrel bombs,” he continued, “these massive barrels with dynamite and they drop them right in the middle of a group of people. And in all fairness, you see the same kids, no arms, no legs, no face. This is an animal.”

Trump Stands By Strike

He went on to explain that after witnessing the aftermath of the chemical attack, he was heartbroken by the shocking images of defenseless young victims.

“I will tell you that when I looked at the pictures,” he added, “especially when you see them on television. And you see these beautiful kids that are dead in their father’s arms. Or you see kids gasping for life, and you know they’re, it’s over, it’s over for them. They’re hosing them down. Hundreds of them.”

“When you see that,” President Trump explained, “I immediately called General Mattis, I said, ‘what can we do?’ and they came back with a number of different alternatives. And we hit them very hard.”

While not everyone agreed with the president's decision to launch a missile strike against the Syrian government airbase, we think it's fair to say that everyone can appreciate his justification for his choice.

President Trump is absolutely sick over Syria's six-year civil war and is not about to just sit back while innocent civilians die under their own government. And, by the sound of it, he doesn't want to be affiliated with any officials that are willing to stand by Assad's heinous antics.