The Rock And Tom Hanks Surprise Every American With 2020 Presidential Reveal

Hollywood stars are always using Saturday Night Live to poke fun at American politics, especially whenever President Donald Trump, his family, and his administration are involved. During the show's season finale, actors Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tom Hanks made an announcement, though satirical, that shocked viewers.

Johnson and Hanks decided to jokingly announce that they would be teaming up together to run during the 2020 presidential election with Johnson running for president and declaring Hanks as his running mate.

"Starting tonight, I am running for the president of the United States," Johnson said during his opening monologue before announcing Hanks' role.

"Dwayne, Dwayne, I could not possibly….turn this down!" Hanks then said to the crowd. "We’re in!"

But the real kicker was when the Fast and Furious star said he was worried about being "too qualified" to be president, taking a direct jab at Donald Trump.

"The truth is: America needs us," Hanks added.

Hanks also went on to say that Americans only currently agree on their love for him, Johnson, and pizza. He also said that he and The Rock could "handle any crisis," further slamming our current president.

"Americans deserve strong, capable leaders who care about this country and care about its people," Johnson, who has spoken about running for president before, then said.

But the reality is that America already has a strong and extremely capable leader: Donald Trump. Needless to say, we're glad this season of SNL if finally over so our president could finally be at a little more peace.