Young Soldier Beaten By Philadelphia Gang After Parade

A 19-year-old soldier by the name of Austin Freni is currently in the hospital recovering from severe facial injuries after being beaten up by a group of 10-15 men on New Year's Day.

Austin Freni, originally of New Jersey, was visiting his widowed mother and family for the holidays thanks to a kind donation to his mother's GoFundMe page. While his mother was supposed to see the Army serviceman return back to his base in Georgia, those plans have been put on hold due to a vicious attack after leaving the Philadelphia Mummers Parade.

But, what's even more shocking about the story is the reason that Austin was jumped--he was proudly wearing his army gear. "Group of 10-15 guys walked by me (making) derogatory comments towards Austin's Army jacket," Austin's mother Lori Freni told FOX 29.

"Me and his girlfriend tried pulling them off and they hit us. We got hit in the face. She got thrown in the street," Freni continued. "He's got to get plates put in his jaw and his mouth will be wired shut for the next eight weeks."

The young Army serviceman, who was scheduled for deployment to the Middle East in the new year, is currently in Jefferson University Hospital facing a long road to recovery ahead of him.